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Aurum Asset Management is a UK based company that is on the frontier of bringing real world assets into the digital realm using the blockchain. The founding members of Aurum Asset Management were key management personnel from reputable cryptocurrency projects such as Latoken, Polymath and Cardano. Aurum Asset Management is behind the revolutionary Open Aurum platform, which is responsible for the creation, marketing and listing of the Open Aurum token (GOLD), which will be backed by and pegged to the output from Artisanal Small Gold Mines, as well as the Stable Gold token (GLDS) which is a stable coin linked to the physical gold at 1 token per gram of 99.99 gold.


Gold is a chemical element with symbol Au and atomic number 79, making it one of the higher atomic number elements that occur naturally. It is one of the least reactive chemical elements and is solid under standard conditions. Gold often occurs in free elemental (native) form, as nuggets or grains, in rocks, in veins, and in alluvial deposits.

A relatively rare element, gold is a precious metal that has been used for coinage, jewelry, and other arts throughout recorded history. In the past, a gold standard was often implemented as a monetary policy, and a limited total of 186,700 tons of gold was recorded to exists above ground.

Gold investments are at forefront of many investors' minds during crises, as demonstrated during the 2008–2009 recession, where gold prices hit 1000 dollars per ounce, largely due to people purchasing physical gold or betting on the metal via various investment options, such as ETFs or gold mining companies' stocks.

As does any major economic or political event, gold continues to trend the same way, as seen more recently, in 2016, after the UK vote to leave the EU led gold prices to soar, reflecting the widespread uncertain view of Britain's economic future.

Gold Prices in Times of Uncertainty

Year  Gold Price (Gram) Inflation (Dec YOY) Factors Influencing Price of Gold
1972 US$2.25 3.40% Baseline
1973 US$3.76 8.70% Gold Standard ends
1974 US$6.49 12.30% Ford allows private ownership of gold
1978 US$7.33 9.00% Expansion
1979 US$16.05 13.30% Fed's stop-go policy worsens inflation
1980 US$69.67 12.50% Soviet Afghan Iranian Revolution
1986 US$13.80 1.10% Expansion. Reagan tax cuts.
1987 US$33.72 4.40% Black Monday
2008 US$30.68 0.10% Recession
2009 US$34.83 2.70% Recession ends. Gold $1,000/oz. on 2/20.
2010 US$49.58 1.50% Obamacare and Dodd-Frank
2011 US$66.84 3.00% Debt crisis. Gold hits record $1,895 on 9/5.

Gold Prices Progression

Year  Gold Price/gram (USD)
1930 US$0.73
1940 US$1.19
1950 US$1.22
1960 US$1.24
1970 US$1.32
1980 US$20.99
1990 US$13.34
2000 US$9.68
2010 US$49.58
2018 US$45.21

Open Aurum [ GOLD ]

Open Aurum [ GOLD ] is a gold mined backed token which aims to provide financing to Artisanal Small Gold Mines (ASGM) around the world, in exchange a portion of their production. With thousands of tons of gold available for extraction within these mines, financing these neglected production areas leads to immediate wealth creation. Artisanal and Small Gold Mines account for 20% of the annual gold production, even though the quantity of miners far exceeds those of industrial gold miners. With Aurum Asset Management and the introduction of the Open Aurum Token, these mines will have reasonably fair and easy access to credit, allowing them to increase their production and dramatically increase their efficiency. In a mutually beneficial agreement, we give these ASGM miners access to the Aurum Asset management mining division – equipment, skilled labour, knowledge and mechanization.

World’s First Gold Mine Backed Token

Limited Supply

Only 30% of total tokens will be circulated in the public markets


Open Aurum Token holders will benefit directly and share in the profitability from the production of Gold at source.

Long Term Growth

As Aurum Asset Management continues to add new mining projects into the platform, projected gold production will continue to increase, leading to increased valuation of the Open Aurum Token


Open Aurum will create liquidity events following production milestones whereby each token holder will receive a dividend payable in physical gold, StableGold (GLDS) or even in Fiat currency.

Open Aurum [ GOLD ] Security Token Offering Program

Aurum Asset Management has successfully completed our ICO, issuing a total of 420 million OpenAurum tokens (GOLD) closing at the price of US $1. The tokens were sold at different discounts during the pre-sales period. The proceeds of the ICO will be used for the development and operation of gold refining and mining equipment, as well as the upkeep of the IT platform. We have become the sole partner of Jinxin Mining Co., Ltd., a fully licensed and operated mining company in Madagascar whose gold mined will be cast, accumulated and stored indefinitely to back StableGold tokens (GLDS).

Token Name Open Aurum
Token Ticker GOLD
Total Supply 420 million tokens
Token Type ERC – 20
STO Supply 126 million tokens
Reserved Supply 294 million tokens
STO Target US$ 59,850,000
Final Phase STO Price US$ 1.00

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


Open Aurum Token (GOLD) Security Token Offering (STO) Phase 5 Has Closed.

We would like to thank to the Open Aurum community for their amazing support. We look forward to announcing exciting and important updates to Open Aurum (GOLD) public listing in the near future.

We are oversubscribed by 142% in Phase 5 Sale.




1 GOLD = US$1.00

We Accept BTC, ETH & USDT.

Our sale have closed.

The Open Aurum Ecosystem

With a belief that culture drives commerce, we leverage shared values and ideals to inform strategy and design, creating experiences that inspire life and inspire action. Our specialty of connecting brand, culture, and commerce has earned us a big reputation.


  • • The gold standard for value exchange in the Ethereum ecosystem
  • • Each token represents 1 gram of 99.99 gold
  • • Records can be publicly accessed and verified using our Asset Explorer
  • • Zero fractional reserves
  • • Physical redemption can be done with appointed partners

The Open Aurum Ecosystem

  • • Our ecosystem is powered by two native tokens: GLDS and GOLD
  • • GOLD is our primary product, the security token of Aurum Asset Management whose value is backed by physical gold mines and their production
  • • GLDS is our stable coin, backed by gold providing a safe haven for cryptocurrencies owners


  • • Our ecosystem is powered by two native tokens: GLDS and GOLD.
  • • Tradable and transferable
  • • To be listed on a number of Crypto Exchanges, the first being Coineal Exchange
  • • Quarterly reported inner Gold value I.e. a stable and increasing Gold Floor linked to smart contract
  • • GOLD can be used to purchase quarterly in-depth market commentary and analysis on all crypto and Gold developments
  • • GOLD held in the most secure Ethereum wallet
  • • Dividends will be given as GLDS, where token holders can exchange for physical gold


Team image

Mateen Sal Khalid

Chief Executive Officer

Mateen Sal Khalid founded Aurum Asset Management in 2016 and the Open Aurum Concept, formulating its gold mining inclusive business operations and the crypto strategy for the firm. Marteen spent the majority of his career as a senior management executive in Kinross Gold Corp where he got the idea to start up his very own gold mining firm.

Khalid studied at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in financial engineering. Before joining Open Aurum, Khalid served as regional marketing director at Rio Tinto subsidiaries worldwide.

Armed with more than 16 years of management experience and outstanding business foresight, Khalid believes that integrating blockchain technologies with valuable asset classes will pave the foundation for traditional financial markets as the world moves into the age of new finance.

Team image

Jim Warner

Chief Operating Officer

Jim Warner graduated from Imperial College of England with a double degree in applied Mathematics and Statistics.

Warner worked as the Director of Operations at Bouygues Group, with the responsibility of overseeing all major firmwide construction projects. Warner also held management positions with Fortescue Metals Group Ltd, where he headed their entire Operation division, and in Newcrest Mining where he experienced leading operations in the Gold mining industry.

With more than two decades of extensive experience in both international construction and mining ops, Warner joined Aurum Asset Management Limited as the Chief Operations Officer, determined to lead Aurum Asset Management Limited to the forefront of the industry.

Team image

Maz Keen

Chief Technical Officer

Maz Keen has a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from Princeton University. A passionate individual with a rigorous logic ideation and an acute sense for business, Keen’s fintech career began with Morgan Stanley's tech development division. After 4 successful years, Keen was headhunted by Citibank to be their SEA Technology Director.

Since 2012, his interests drove him to devote himself to decentralization technology and he went to South Bay, San Francisco, where high-tech businesses gathered, for in depth development of new blockchain technologies, where he was a part of the Cardano and Polymath team.

Keen helped build Aurum Asset Management Limited, contributing significantly to the development of its technology platform, pushing Aurum Asset Management Limited to be at the forefront of the worldwide fintech sphere.

Team image

Nicodemo Lowell

Chief Marketing Officer

Driven by a firm belief in innovations in finance, Nicodemo joined Open Aurum as the chief Marketing officer. He was a management consultant for startups, corporate and blockchain who has multi-disciplinary expertise in strategy, idea conceptualization, marketing , innovation, commercial & tech startups. Nicodemo comes with 20 years working experiences at blue chip companies such as Procter&Gamble (PG), Johnson&Johnson (JNJ), AIA , Intel, across multiple countries in Asia, with recent 10 years at senior management role.

Nicodemo has been consulting for various Fortune 500 companies, unicorn tech start-ups, and a couple of blockchain enterprises across different part of the world.

Well-versed in dealing with matrix organization and had exposure to multiple key roles in brand/consumer marketing, channel marketing, innovation, strategy & business development, O2O omnichannel marketing with deep understanding in (digital, social, mobile, blockchain) and P&L management experience.


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